MFGI Search Engine Setup Page

OpenSearch is an easy and standard way of using search engines on the web. It is embedded in most modern browsers and allows people to find things by simply typing search terms just like when doing a google search. The INSPIRE specification for Download Services supports OpenSearch along with Atom Feed Predefined Downloads. The MFGI Search engine is set up to find INSPIRE objects that are stored in the domain. To find an object simply type the identifier and hit return.

To activate the ATOM Feed - OpenSearch facility pull down the search tool menu and add the "MFGI DLS" service. On Firefox the search tool can be found in the top right corner of the browser window

For example: to download a seismic line feature type the first characters of the identifier p.e. SLN2D_T and press return. You will get an RSS list of all objects starting with "SLN2D_T". You can also use "%" as a wildcard., p.e "SLN%177" will give you "SLN2D_T.20534.1_JE-177".